Larryoke 2 is over

Well, that sure was some Larryoke! How bout those Cousins, huh?

Thank you all for coming and helping me bury this show for good. Also thanks for helping me raise funds for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention!

If you weren’t able to come, the fundraiser link will be live for a couple more days!

Also, I realize that five hours in front of a computer is a lot to ask!

If you missed some of the Larryoke songs, don’t worry! Just give me a call and I’ll sing them to you personally.

But maybe you’d also like to just play them on your phone or Zune or at the secret government torture operation you manage? Well, here’s a link to download all 20 songs!

I’ll work on getting the videos uploaded onto YouTube, and I’ll embed a playlist here when it’s ready.

A big thank you to everyone who made Larryoke 1 & 2 happen:

Germaine Cahoon

Tim Caldwell

Shawn Green

Molly Haigh

Ian Chris Hayes

Ian Hinden

Jennifer Holland

Linda Kay

Vivian Lajoie

Adam Lore


Tracy McCullough

Julie Metz

Sarah Portland

Amber Prentiss

Professor D

Philip J Reed

Matt Schneider

Shira Schwartz

Lance Simpson

Andrew Strobel

Matthew Wong


There are a few more closing posts to come, but next week I’m taking a break.



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