Tonight: Larryoke 2 at 7PM EST!

Larryoke 2 starts at 7PM Eastern Time tonight! Come watch 7 Perfect Strangers episodes and listen to 20 Larryoke songs!

It will be in two places: one for chat, and one for video.

Discord Chat:

GoToMeeting video:

GoToMeeting will ask you to download some software; and once you have it up and running, don’t let it use your microphone or camera. I don’t want to look at you! I want to look at the Cousins!

If you are ridiculous in the chat, I reserve the right to tell you not to be.

I’m also doing a fundraiser for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention!

Donation link for Frank Aid:

I’ll be around in the chat and video meeting starting around 6:30. I’ll watch a cartoon or something!


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