Season 3

Episode 1: All the News That Fits

Episode 2: Weigh to Go, Buddy

Episode 3: Sexual Harrassment in Chicago

Episode 4: Taking Stock

Episode 5: Your Cheatin’ Heart

Episode 6: The Horn Blows at Midnight

Episode 7: The Karate Kids

Episode 8: Night School Confidential

Episode 9: Future Shock

Episode 10: Couch Potato

Episode 11: The Break In

Episode 12: To Be or Not To Be

Episode 13: My Lips Are Sealed (guest post by Professor D)

Episode 14: The “Pen” Pal

Episode 15: Just Desserts

Episode 16: Better Shop Around

Episode 17: Pipe Dreams

Episode 18: The Defiant Guys

Episode 19: My Brother, Myself

Episode 20: You Gotta Have Friends

Episode 21: The Graduate

Episode 22: Bye Bye Biki

Seasons 1 and 2 Revisited

Season 3 Reviewed