Tonight! Larryoke: a Perfect Stream


It’s Friday night!  And the mood is right!

We’re going to have some fun (I’ll show you how it’s done).

Tonight at 8PM Eastern Time/8PM Eastern Time, we’re going to go three hours straight watching Perfect Strangers episodes.  I’ve got six episodes lined up for you–the best, the worst, and four more that will be complete surprises to all of you, I’m sure. Plus there’s going to be 8 Larryoke songs by me, Phil, Sarah, Vivian, Adam Lore , and various surprises sprinkled throughout.

It’s going to last 3 whole damn hours!

All you have to do to join is go to this link around the time it starts:

Larryoke: a Perfect Stream

You can also check out the Facebook Page for the event and it will tell you the correct time to show up!

One last thing–the only thing family-friendly are the episodes themselves. Chat will be foul, and some of the other clips I’m showing have swears in them. Sexual situations, etc.



P.S. There will likely be no review next week, either, because I am going to a horror convention in Parsippany, NJ, to meet Mark Linn-Baker and Bronson Pinchot. I’ll be sure to give you a full report.